Farida Akhter

Anna’s Boutique: Trend setter

31-year old Farida Akhter is the owner of Anna’s Boutique, which is considered as a trend setter in Dooru area of Anantnag district.
“I am happy that I am an entrepreneur, but it was not an easy task for me. I worked for several years under a local tailor, who taught me basics of dressmaking, but it was absolutely traditional tailoring,” said Farida, adding that her passion in dressmaking motivated her to learn out of the way designing, especially on internet.
She worked nine hours a day for a meager salary of Rs 4000 per month. “The moment I realized that I have learnt enough to set my own venture, I started looking for loan options. While surfing internet, I got to know about PMEGP scheme under J&K KVIB,” Farida said.
She approached district officer Anantnag and applied for the loan. Her case was forwarded to DLTFC and a loan amounting to Rs 7.50 lakh was approved in her favour.
At present she earns Rs 30000 per month and has employed 5 people. “My products are very popular in the area and even the customers from different villages visit me,” said Farida and claimed that she has set a trend of designer suits in the area.

Shabir Ahmad Khan

MK Steel fabrications: Aiming big

Shabir Ahmad Khan was a successful contractor with J&K Small Scale Industries Development Corporation Limited (SICOP). At age 29, he was earning a good income and was doing well in his career, but was aiming big.
“I worked with SICOP for five years, as a contractor. The work was good, but I always wanted to establish an independent business,” said Shabir Ahmad Khan, owner of MK Steel fabrications in Anantnag district.
He said that he was advised by a friend at SICOP to get loan from J&K Khadi and Village Industries Board. “I approached district office Anantnag and applied for loan under PMEGP. My case was forwarded to DLTFC and eventually a loan amounting to Rs 10 lakh was approved in my favour for establishing unit of steel fabrication,” Shabir said and added that he is still eyeing to expand his business further.
At present, Shabir is a successful entrepreneur and has employed 6 young people at his unit.

Mohammad Shafi Mir

Modern Steel and Trunk Factory: A Story of Success and Progress

Father of three and a lone bread earner of the family, Mohammad Shafi Mir is an inspiration for many who intend to become successful entrepreneurs with no strong financial background.
44-year old Mohammad Shafi Mir, proprietor of Modern Steel and Trunk factory at Beerwah Budgam, had never thought in his wildest dreams that he would employ 15 people to work for him. “There was a period when it was difficult to meet both the ends. I was working as a labourer in steel factory with a meager earning of Rs 3000 per month,” said Mir, with tears in his eyes.
He added that for a labourer, it is very difficult to think about future, especially concerning your children.
“I have studied upto 9th standard, so good business or government job never hit my mind. I had to contend with a job of labourer,” said Mir, adding “But, watching children grow without basic amenities sometimes motivated me to play a gamble with the skills I ever had.”
He approached district officer Budgam after he was told about different schemes under Jammu and Kashmir Khadi and Village Industries Board. “The district officer was kind enough to entertain my application without any obstacles. My case was forwarded to DLTFC and eventually a loan of Rs 25 lakh was approved in my favour,” Mir said and added that owing to the support of J&K KVIB, his earnings rose from Rs 3000 to Rs 25, 000 per month and now he is a successful and satisfied entrepreneur.

Rajesh Kumar:

Wielding dreams

It is never easy to quit conventional job, no matter how little you earn from it, for the sake of realizing your dream, but Rajesh Kumar did it with the support of his family. “I was working at a private Steel fabrication workshop. The job was tedious and laborious with very little earnings, so it always frustrated me and one day I decided to quit it, my family supported my decision and told me about schemes of J&K Khadi and Village Industries Board,” Kumar said, adding “I always had a dream to start my own small business and with the help of J&K KVIB I realized it.”At the age of 34, Rajesh applied for the loan of Rs 25, 00000 for steel fabrication under PMEGP scheme and was accordingly approved in the DLTFC meeting. “Before this unit, I used to earn Rs 10, 000 per month, but now I earn 35000 and more, excluding salary of employees,” Rajesh said and expressed gratitude towards J&K KVIB for transforming a labour into an entrepreneur.

Mohammad Shahbaz Sheikh

New Royal Tyre Works : Kiosk to Retreading Unit

In 1965, Mohammad Shahbaz Sheikh established a small kiosk of tyre puncture repair to feed his family and now after more than five decades, Mr Sheikh is owner of one of the biggest Tyre retreading units of Sopre.
“To feed my family, I had to start a tyre puncture shop and in all these years I experienced many things, particularly about establishing strong enterprise,” said Sexagenarian-Mohammad Shahbaz Sheikh, owner of New Royal Tyre works.
He had already started this business but at very small level. “I started this business of tyre retreading but without much machines, as my financial condition was not that strong,” said Sheikh, adding some of his family friends recommended him to visit Jammu and Kashmir Khadi and Village Industries Board for loan.
“Four year back, I approached KVIB and my case was forwarded to DLTFC, wherein a loan of Rs 20 lakh was approved in my favour,” said Sheikh, adding that with the help of J&K KVIB, he managed to buy heavy machinery from outside the state.
At present, Sheikh is the owner of one of the biggest tyre retreading units in the Sopore and has employed over 10 people in his unit. He himself at the age of 64 manages all the affairs of the business and is thankful to J&KKVIB officers and officials, who extended support for the establishment of this unit and transforming him into a successful entrepreneur.

Rayees Ahmad Wani

Rayees Printing Press: Amateur to expert

“I was working as a labourer in a printing firm at Jammu with a meager earning of Rs 5000 per month,” said 25-year old Rayees Ahmad wani, proprietor of Rayees Printing Press.
It was not an easy task for an amateur to establish business unit. “I am thankful to J&K Khadi and Village Industries Board, which transformed an amateur into an expert,” said Wani, adding “though I got experience from Jammu, but the handholding support provided by the J&K KVIB is unparalleled.”
Sharing his success story, Rayees said that after gaining experience from Jammu, he was looking for avenues to set up his own unit. He also approached banks, but mortgage was the issue.
“Sensing my restlessness, my brother-in-law advised me to visit J&K KVIB, so I did and met district officer, who convinced me with the various programmes under PMEGP. I applied for the loan and my case was forwarded to DLTFC and a loan amounting to Rs 10 lakh was approved,” said Wani adding that he wants to expand his business considering its potential.
At present Rayees is a successful and professional entrepreneur and has employed 5 persons to work at his printing press in Anantnag district.

Akhter Hussain

JK Trolleys: Full time enterprise

58-year old Akhter Hussain had never imagined that once chosen as a part time business would end up his full time enterprise. “I was completely involved in the business of fruits because horticulture was considered as the lucrative business, but my experience was different, as there was huge fluctuation in the earning, so I decided to take on some side business as well and started importing readymade trolleys from Punjab,” said Hussain, proprietor of JK Trolleys in Baramulla.
He kept importing readymade trolleys from outside states to earn little bounties, but it was not enough.
“One day I decided to adopt trolley making business as a full time enterprise, after I realized its market potential,” said Hussain, adding, he contacted banks for loan, wherein he was guided about Jammu and Kashmir Khadi and Village Industries Board.
“I approached J&K KVIB and availed a loan amounting to Rs 25 lakh after proper formalities. Eventually, I got so involved in this business that sometimes I moot why I wasted time in fruit business,” said Hussain.
At present Hussain is a successful entrepreneur and is providing employment to 13-15 persons.

Tariq Ahmed

Pure Zamindar Kesar: Apt allegiance

Pure Zamindar Kesar, a beautiful shop along the national highway at Awantipora catches the eye of the visitor with its wide range of dry fruits and their display, but the owner of the unit, 38-year old Tariq Ahmed Wani holds J&K Khadi and Village Industries Board responsible for the huge influx of customers in his shop.
“This is an expansion of my previous business outlet, which was established with the help of J&K Khadi and Village Industries Board under the title of Wani Dry Fruits way back in 2002,” said Tariq, adding that though this unit is not directly funded by J&K KVIB, but the foundation of his business career was laid by J&K KVIB, so he always keep J&K KVIB close to his heart.
“J&K KVIB has not only provided me hand holding support, but the huge influx of customers on my shop is also because of J&K KVIB, as it holds authenticity and credibility,” said Tariq.
He considers himself as a successful entrepreneur.

Altaf Ahmed Chopan

AC Electronics: Success in High-Tech Work

Electrician Altaf Ahmed Chopan was perfectly comfortable working for someone else— until his family friend gave him a push to start his own business. “He saw the talent that I have and figured he would talk to me about it,” said Altaf, 27, adding “And the more he talked, eventually I thought, ‘It’s a good plan to go out on my own.”
“Having ITI diploma and work experience with Videocon, it was not difficult for me start a new venture, but money was indeed a problem,” Chopan said and added his friend suggested him to seek loan from J&K Khadi and Village Industries Board.
Two years ago, the enterprising youth started electronic repairing unit---AC Electronics in main Chowk Magam-Budgam after his loan of Rs 10 lakh from Jammu and Kashmir Khadi and Village Industries Board was approved.
“I enjoy my work and within years, I expanded my business to sale and service of electronic product as well,” said Altaf Ahmed Chopan, adding that he wants to expand it further by repairing transformers, washing machines and refrigerators among other things.
At present, Altaf Ahmed Chopan is a successful entrepreneur and has provided employment to over 6 young people and is also earning handsome income.


Bismillah Boutique: Way to success

28-years old Yasmeena, 12th standard drop out is now a successful entrepreneur. She is leading a happy life.
She had been doing tailoring work at some local shop for the last many years without much success. Yasmeena had a desire to set up her own enterprise, probably a boutique as she believes that is where the new generation is attracted to, but money was the problem, so she applied for loan under J&K Khadi and Village Industries Board.
Her case was forwarded to DLTFC and a loan amounting to Rs 5 lakh was approved in her favour and then her fortunes changed for her good. Using the loan she opened a Boutique shop in Budgam. She is working hard to live a standard life and now has monthly earnings of Rs. 20, 000.
At present, Yasmeena is a successful entrepreneur and now she motivates other women in her community to follow her footsteps. She has already employed 6 girls at her unit.

Anil Kumar:

Handling stress

A common experience for all new entrepreneurs is chronic stress. Some of it is positive and motivating, but too much stress can be crippling. Anil Kumar, at the age of 23, has become a successful entrepreneur by starting Knitwear businesses around Ambarian in Jammu. And stress, he said, “I was working for a meager amount of Rs 5000, due to which I often remain stressed and it was harming my health.”“I always wanted to establish my business but there was no way-out when one day my relative told me about different schemes under J&K KVIB. In need of monetary support, I approached J&K KVIB and my case of Rs 10, 00000 was approved.” Now I easily earn Rs 20, 000 to 25, 000, which gives me confidence and within years I am transformed into an employer.

Vazira Ali

Doctrz Products, a Unit of Chemical Detergents : Carrying a legacy

After dispersion of shares of family-owned business, the first choice of 33-year old Vazira Ali was to establish a business of similar nature but with different name. Inspired and motivated by her husband, who happens to be doctorate in management, Vazira aimed at expanding this business to national level.
“We had a family-owned business of chemical detergents and it was doing well but due to some unavoidable circumstances, there was a split in family business. Instead of clinging to the loses, we opted for starting an independent venture of similar nature,” said Vazira, who owns Doctrz Products, a unit of Chemical Detergents spread over in two kanals at Kaneera Chadoora, Budgam.
It was not easy to start a new venture, but motivation and guidance from her husband made it possible.
“My husband told me about J&K Khadi and Village Industries Board and its schemes. We approached district officer Budgam with a proposal and a loan amounting to Rs 25 lakh was approved in my favour for establishing Doctrz Products,” said Vazira, adding “In addition to the expertise of my husband, we produce quality product, so it was not difficult for us to make niche in the market.”
Expressing gratitude towards J&K Khadi and Village Industries Board, Vazira Ali said that due to the support of Board, she managed to establish an independent venture, which she believes has the potential to compete with products at national level.
At present, an under-graduate Vazira Ali is a successful entrepreneur and has provided employment to over 20 young people, especially girls.

Manzoor Ahmed

Shahbad Steel Industry: Ambassador in making

“It never ceases to amaze me how much time people waste searching endlessly for shortcuts to entrepreneurial success, when the only real path is to start it dedicatedly,” said 37-year old Manzoor Ahmed, owner of Shahbad Steel Industry in Anantnag, who earlier worked as a labourer in a steel factory at the scanty salary of Rs 7000.
After working as a labourer for several years, Ahmed learned the basics of steel industry and was eager to start his own venture. “Being a labourer, I learnt many things about this business, but setting own enterprise was still a distant dream for me, because of financial constraints,” said Ahmed, adding that his father once told him about Jammu and Kashmir Khadi and Village Industries Board.
“I met district officer Anantnag and expressed my willingness to start a new and independent venture. My case was forwarded to DLTFC and an amount of Rs 25 lakh was approved in my favour,” Ahmed said and added that he wants to further expand this business by making trolleys and other heavy metal works.
Impressed by the facilitating nature of J&K KVIB, Ahmed said he has started working as an ambassador for the Board by recommending board schemes to more and more people.
At present Ahmed is a successful entrepreneur and has employed 14 skilled and non skilled workers in his unit.

Nardeep Singh:

Scaling with integrity

When you’re desperate for something, it’s easy to cut corners, compromise your values and deliver an inferior product or service. But the businesses that manage to whether their growing pains and stick to their guns are the ones that last longest and shine brightest.Nardeep Singh, son of Gurbachan Singh is the founder of Singh Hydraulic equipments, a manufacturing unit of Hydraulic Equipments and other parts for the vehicles. Asked about maintaining integrity, he said: "I strived hard for the job, but failed to get success. Weary, I approached Jammu and Kashmir Khadi and Village Industries Board, Udhampur, wherein district officer briefed and convinced me about PMEGP scheme and activated an entrepreneur in me.”He said that a commitment to stand and survive with dignity is a commitment to change and evolve. “I applied for loan assistance of Rs 24.96 lacs for manufacturing of Hydraulic Equipment unit and the case was eventually approved by the DLTFC. Despite failures in life, I never compromised with my conscience.”At present, he is a successful entrepreneur with annual income of Rs 8.40 lacs and has employed over 25 unemployed youth of the locality. "I took a risk and it paid off, and today I strive to continuously push my own boundaries," Nardeep maintained.

Ahmed Malik

Classic Plastics: Stride to Success

While working as a salesman of hardware products at a meager salary of Rs 8000 per month, 32-year old Feroz Ahmed Malik could have hardly imagined that he would set up his own industry of hardware products so easily.
“I always desired to do something which will not only provide me stable earning, but will utilize my expertise, which I gained as a salesman,” said Feroze Ahmed Malik, an owner of Classic Plastic Industry.
Having knowledge of the product as well as market, Feroze Ahmed, on the suggestions of his friend applied for loan under PMEGP Scheme of J&K Khadi and Village Industries Board. “My case was forwarded to DLTFC and eventually an amount of Rs 15 lakh was approved in my favour,” said Malik, adding that he earns Rs 50000 per month from this enterprise.
When asked about the inspiration to take on this enterprise, Feroze said there are multiple factors behind this choice. “I was working as a salesman for hardware products. Once during a meeting in Delhi, a Kashmiri Pandit inspired me to take on this business. Moreover, I had knowledge of the products,” he said.
He added that within no time, his products are in huge demand across the State. “We are dealing with garden pipes, PVC pipes, conduit pipes, SWR pipes and other hardware products. There is a huge demand in the market for our products, but due to lack of proper machinery we are at times unable to meet the demand-supply gap,” Feroze said and added that he aspires to expand this business by bringing more sophisticated machines.
At present Feroze is a successful entrepreneur and has employed 14 employees.

Nasir Ahmed Dar

Shahbad Papers: Young Entrepreneur

Getting inspiration from Lucknow based firm, a young entrepreneur in his 20s established a unit and is now doing well.
“I was working as a shawl salesman, particularly outside the state, earning meager amount of Rs 3000-5000. The last salary that I drew as a salesman was Rs 6000. Once while travelling to Lucknow, I noticed a huge firm dealing with papers,” said Nasir Ahmed Dar, owner of Shahbad papers in Anantnag District.
The idea was new to him, but he had a belief that this unit would change his life.
“The moment I got an idea of establishing paper unit in Anantnag, I was sure that it will change my life, but there were monetary constraints,” said Nasir, adding, “I approached banks for loan, but was not satisfied, so I dropped the idea. After one month, my cousin told me about J&K KVIB and its schemes.”
He approached J&K KVIB district office and applied for the loan. His case was forwarded to DLTFC and an amount of Rs 10 lakh was approved in his favour. “I had nothing in my hands, so it was bit difficult to convince district officer, but he reposed faith in my project and processed my loan accordingly,” said Nasir, adding that he has bought machinery from outside the state.

Nazir Ahmed Dar

Kingwood: Supplier to manufacturer

If you have a will to achieve something, no power can stop you. Nazir Ahmed Dar of Nassrullah Pora Budgam with dint of hardwork and dedication proved it right. 35-year old Nazir Ahmed started his career as a carpenter and then supplier of joinery items with meager earning, but he never gave up and today he stands tall in the area, popularly known as king of joinery.
“Four years ago, I was just a dealer of joinery items. I used to buy these items from one market and then sell it in another market, with very little profit. One fine day, I decided to establish my own joinery business and approached District Industries Centre for loan, where one of my family friends told me about J&K KVIB and its schemes,” said Nazir Ahmed Dar, owner of NS Kingwood joinery items.

Shamsher Singh:

Serial entrepreneur

The serial entrepreneur, who tried his hand at many businesses from sewing, transporting sand to construction sites and flour mill but faced failure. “I don’t know what was wrong, despite putting lots of efforts to fetch government job, I could not get one. Then I tried my luck in different businesses, but faced only failure,” said Shamsher Singh.“Tired of making efforts, I decided to work in a Rice Sheller. After gaining experience of rice sheller, I decided to try luck one more time, but finance was the problem, as I had exhausted all my money on previous ventures,” he said and added his friend told him about various schemes of J&K Khadi and Village Industries Board.“I approached district officer and apprised him about my problems. District officer convinced me with the PMEGP scheme. Loan amounting to Rs 1500000/- was approved in my favour to establish Rice Sheller unit at Badhan Jourian,” he said and added now he has employed 10 workers. He expressed his gratitude towards J&K Khadi and Village Industries Board for extending timely help as well as motivated him to become successful entrepreneur.

Saleem Mirza

Mirza Automobiles: Self Recognition

Most of the new entrepreneurs tend to fetch big brand franchise as a short cut for success, but Baramulla based Mirza brothers believed in creating self recognition in the sphere of automobiles.
Situated along the national highway in Delina-Baramulla, Mirza Automobiles is not just a business enterprise, but a decade long success story of two brothers, who never let any brand name to trounce their dream project, envisaged in 2007.
“We were already in the business of cement and steel, so doing business is not new to us. In 2007, a workshop near my home inspired me to take on this enterprise,” said Saleem Mirza, joint owner of Mirza Automobiles.
He said, “The idea of taking up this enterprise was emanated way back in 2007, when I observed the problems faced by a local workshop owner due to lack of space.” “We had a huge space along the national highway, so I discussed the idea with my brother Naveed Mirza, who agreed to my proposal. We approached J&K Khadi and Village Industries Board on the recommendation of one of the family friends and since then the story of success started.”

Fayaz Ahmed Sofi

Afcon Bat Industries : Battling to success

Starting his career as a labourer at one of the bat factories in south Kashmir, Fayaz Ahmed Sofi is now owner of Afcon Bat industries at Sangam, producing bats worth lakhs every year.
“Reaching to this level was a real challenge. I literally battled for this success and today I consider myself as a successful entrepreneur,” said 34-year old Fayaz Sofi, who got inspired from the same unit where he was working as a labourer.
Exporting 20000-25000 bats every year, Fayaz said that he saw how this industry is prospering every year.
“When working as a labourer in the bat factory, I saw the potential of this business and made a mind to start my own,” said Fayaz, adding “I got to know that the factory I am working in had availed loan from Jammu and Kashmir Khadi and Village Industries Board, so I decided to approach them.”
He applied for a loan of Rs 25 lakh and his case was forwarded to DLTFC. Eventually a loan was approved in his favour to establish Afcon Bat Industries.
“I am satisfied with the earnings, but I want to expand it further by bringing more advanced machinery from outside,” Fayaz said. At present he is a successful entrepreneur and has employed 15 employees at his unit.

Sham Lal:

Carving a reputation

Some owners start out in industries that are popular, appreciated and admired. Others have to put on rubber boots and wade through the mud. Sham Lal, owner of Sham Lal Carved Wood and Artistic Furniture House, had to do just that. Asked how he turned towards this industry, he said, “I was working as a carpenter for a long time. But as you know what it means to work under someone. I often felt that I am compromising with my esteem by working under someone who is not respecting my skills."Sham Lal said his goal was to establish a business "To do that, I approached J&K Khadi and Village Industries Board and a loan amounting Rs 10, 00000 was sanctioned in my favour. Now, I consider myself a successful entrepreneur and all thanks to J&K KVIB for reposing faith in me”.

You can be next !

You can be next !



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